Reasons to Hire the Best DUI Lawyer In Toronto

Being arrested under suspicion of DUI carries with it severe consequences, from fines, loss of license, to jail time. Don’t assume that just because the testing equipment used during your arrest came back above the legal limit that you should plead guilty and take your punishment.

Consider these reasons to consult with and hire the best DUI lawyer in Toronto;

Analyzing the Arrest Video
Once you consult with and hire the DUI lawyer in Toronto, their first order of business is to subpoena the audio and video from the police during your arrest. Your attorney is going to carefully look to see if your rights were upheld throughout the process. Your attorney will look to see if you exhibited the driving patterns that warranted the officer to stop your vehicle, and then look to see if the field sobriety tests were conducted lawfully. Even one mistake could give you attorney a chance to poke holes in the prosecutions case.

Potentially Faulty Equipment
Once the driver is taken to the police station, they may be administered a blood alcohol test by way of breathalyzer. Your attorney will obtain the video of this process to carefully look to see which equipment was used to determine your level of sobriety. Depending on the equipment, there have been instances where your DUI lawyer in Toronto has uncovered evidence the flow sensor failed to allow the correct numbers regardless how hard the driver blows into that instrument. The faulty flow sensor could not calculate the amount of air passing through the device, so the results were inadmissible in court.

Professional Courtroom Experience
Once your attorney has all the evidence in the case, they will draw upon their years experience in this court to discredit the evidence presented by the prosecution. Not only is your driver’s license at stake, there could be jail time and severe fines implemented at the time of the ruling. Your DUI lawyer in Toronto will present the case in a way that shows the judge that a mistake could have been made, therefore the case must be dismissed. When the evidence presented by your attorney does not convince the judge to dismiss the case, they will plea-bargain so the charges are lessened.

Take advantage of the free initial consultation offered by the DUI lawyer in Toronto so that you have the opportunity to get answers to all your questions and concerns about your case.