5 Reasons to Choose the Best DUI and Impaired Driving Lawyer

Never assume you have to accept a guilty verdict in your DUI and impaired driving case just because the evidence appears to show you were intoxicated. Your Toronto DUI attorney has the experience and skills to poke holes in the prosecution evidence and get you a more favorable result.

These are 5 reasons to choose the best DUI and impaired driving lawyer;

1. Making Certain Officer had Reasonable Cause
Your Toronto DUI attorney is going to successfully subpoena the audio and video from the night you were arrested, and get a better understanding as to the driving patterns you exhibited that gave the officer probable cause to start the DUI investigation.

2. Analyzing Field Sobriety Testing
Once the officer feels the driver may be intoxicated, they will select one of several field sobriety tests for the driver to perform. These tests can be challenging enough to do when sober, so before, during, and after the tests have been administered, the attorney will watch the DVD to make certain the rights of the driver were upheld and there were no discrepancies in the police report filed by that officer.

3. Getting Officer on the Stand
When the Toronto DUI attorney has issue with something that transpired during the arrest, the officer can be subpoenaed to take the stand. The DUI lawyer is an expert at creating reasonable doubt and poking holes in evidence when the officer shows they made a small mistake or didn’t report the information correctly.

4. Disputing the Testing Equipment
Your attorney will find out the type equipment used to determine the blood alcohol level and see if the flow sensor on that device has a history of producing incorrect results. Regardless how hard the driver blew into the instrument, a faulty flow sensor will often come back as a refusal because it doesn’t register enough evidence from the driver.

5. Fighting on Your Behalf
Once all the evidence is analyzed, your attorney will appear in court on your behalf to fight for your rights and make certain you get the most favorable outcome. Your attorney has the experience to plea-bargain to get the charges lessened so it does not negatively impact you for years to come.

Keep in mind you can contact the Toronto DUI attorney for a free initial consultation to have all your concerns addressed. This way you will see clearly all you have to lose by not working with the best DUI lawyer.